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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

INDIA: 'Condoms in jails needed to prevent HIV'

Thiruvananthapuram (IANS) A health worker in Kerala has suggested that condoms be supplied to prisoners to prevent the spread of AIDS among them as a result of homosexual contacts.

According to S.K. Harikumar, who is associated with the Kerala State AIDS Control Society, prison inmates regularly indulge in homosexual relations, which is hard to prevent.

'We have found that close to 36 inmates are affected with HIV. Even though there has been no confession by the inmates that they indulge in homosexuality, it is explicit that this takes place,' said Harikumar, director of Project Support Unit (PSU) that works among AIDS patients. The PSU has conducted a programme on sexual health in 22 prisons in Kerala.

Harikumar feels it is time that the authorities to provide condoms to prisoners.

'To prevent its (AIDS) spread, the only way out is to supply condoms.'

But G. Baburaj, inspector general of police in charge of jails, said the laws do not provide for the supply of condoms to prisoners.

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