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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Anti-gay blogger charged with inciting murder

The unidentified Frenchman whose blog advocates "death without exception" for gays faces up to five years in a Martinique prison and a $58,200 fine.

A French man accused of advocating the killing of gay people on a Web log has been charged with incitement of murder in the Caribbean island of Martinique, a prosecutor said.

The suspect, identified only as a 38-year-old man from Fort-de-France, surrendered to authorities Friday in Martinique and was held in jail for two days before being released, prosecutor Claude Bellanger said Monday.

Bellanger said the man told investigators that he created the blog -- which called for "death to (homosexuals) . . . death without exception" -- while on vacation in Atlanta.

The Web page also called for the killing of certain media personalities and government officials whom it alleged to be gay.

After learning about the blog, authorities in Martinique contacted the Atlanta police. An investigation in the United States led to his identification.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in prison and a $58,200 fine. No court date has been set.

Martinique, a French island in the southeast Caribbean, is home to 436,000 people.
(Herve Brival, AP)

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