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Monday, December 8, 2008

Climate Change Conference -- Poznan

More than 190 countries meet in Poznan, Poland, for U.N.-sponsored climate change conference. Far-reaching plans to slash carbon-dioxide emissions may be put on the back-burner as countries try to face up to the financial meltdown.
What will the outcome be?

CHILE: Govt Plan Falls Short, Say Activists
Daniela Estrada
SANTIAGO - The Chilean government's 2008-2012 National Climate Change Action Plan presented by President Michelle Bachelet failed to satisfy local environmental and citizen groups.

COLOMBIA: Deforestation and Deluge, a Recipe for Disaster
Helda Martínez
BOGOTA - The lack of policies against indiscriminate deforestation in river basins, in synergy with the rainy season, which is heavier than usual this year because of the La Niña climate phenomenon, has had devastating effects in Colombia.

Q&A with Walden Bello: With Bush, "Nothing Good Is Going to Happen in Poznan"
Antonio Marafioti
VITERBO, Italy - With the United States represented by outgoing President George W. Bush, not much can be expected of the Dec. 1-12 international conference on climate change in the Polish city of Poznan, activist Walden Bello, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize 2003, told IPS.

Native Peoples Out in Cold at Warming Meet
Haider Rizvi
UNITED NATIONS - Global efforts to combat climate change will lead nowhere as long as the indigenous peoples' representatives have no say in discussions to lay out future plans, say activists who are attending the
international conference on climate change being held in the Polish city of Poznan this week.

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