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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Apology over 'big gay' paperwork

Carphone Warehouse bosses have apologised after a customer received paperwork which appeared to call him a "big gay". Muddasser Ishaq took his broken mobile phone into a branch in Birmingham city centre and received a receipt with the remark on it. Carphone Warehouse described the comment as "entirely unacceptable".

It said it had been a "foolish message" written by one member of staff and intended for another. Mr Ishaq said he was disgusted when he found the comment as he looked through the repair form the next day. 'Foolish messages' He said: "When I got the repair form I didn't take much notice of it until the next day when I was reading through it and I noticed what it said on there.

"Basically I was disgusted by what had been left by the member of the staff." A statement from Carphone Warehouse said: "Unfortunately two of our representatives had written foolish messages intended for each other which the customer received by mistake."

The company has since contacted Mr Ishaq to discuss compensation. A spokesperson said it had taken steps to ensure the mistake could not happen again. However, the company refused to say if the staff involved had been disciplined.

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