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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Couchsurfing with Ian Kim

On the 27th October, 2009 he requested my couch as a newbie for 8th November, 2009 and the following five days . During this time he asked to rent the big room, because he wanted to remain on the island till the beginning of February.

From the 13th to the 22nd November, 2009 he traveled to Harald at Puerto de la Cruz and left his stuff in his 'new' room without asking nor informing me.

In the evening when he was back I remind him then of the fact to perform for the rents of a room on a payment. A usual guarantee he didn't want / could to produce, still I gave him the room, for his payment from now 'till the next 30 days, because I didn't want to dismiss him without linguistic attainment in a strange country. So he got 10 days for free.

Since this time he prepared only his meals, spoke no word and left every time the kitchen in wretched state. After a few days I didn't cleared up this.

When the monthly calculations for water, stream, gas, Internet and phone, came I pointed to the fact which costs are to be divided. Nevertheless, he meant that he already paid and (in England) rooms inclusiv of the costs are rented. Then he argued that he does not want to pay for my visitor from Couchsurfing.

The next day it turned out that the gas cylinder became empty, here he knows me there, and I answered that I didn't need it. In the end, he wanted to know the costs and I added up the fees to 150 € totally. He offered under hint of my visitors and the regulation in England 20 € as his contribution.

To night urinating he used the hand wash basin. Without 'good morning' or other standards of the everyday life he found his language only if he wanted to know something. He used my personal things without asking.

After some hints for my part to not slam at night all doors, he braked the Internet with downloads of several hours. Within two months he hasn't even cleaned his room, never mind has taken part in a cleaning the commune rooms.

Today I have given notice to him prematurely! With him it is impossible to live.

Now I'm also not surprised that he has no friends, no family calls at Christmas and neither hosts write a comment.

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