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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Union says that homosexuals -dominate the railways in Czech Republic-

Ensures that three senior officials of the sector are gay. And it will ask for a quota 4% of heterosexuals o there  for equal opportunities.

obreroThe latest dispute between railroad workers from Czech Republic and the government has deviated from the prohibitions absolutely expected and incorporated (in the worst way of course) the question-gay.

The fuse lit Dušek Jaromír, leader of the guild grouping railway employees. On Saturday last, told the newspaper Lidove Noviny, the union described as "gay lobby" in the direction of Czech Railways.

Not content with this, Dusek-threw-some names: "The Zaludos is gay hand in hand with the gay Slameèka. The gay Slameèka goes with the gay Novak.

The names correspond respectively to the general director of Czech Railways, Petr Zaludos, the transport minister, Gustav Slameèka, and director of the Office of Government, Jan Novak.

I want to put a quota of around four per cent of heterosexual, to have equal opportunities.

I can tell you there I'm afraid to stoop to pick up the pen in the hallways, finished Dusek, which was won in record time all the headlines,...and also all the calls for his resignation.

According to Radio Prague, from the prime minister to members of unions representing themselves Dusek, have spoken out for the man to apologize or resign. So far, Dusek has shown no intention to rectify their sayings.

The gay community sends a pen :)

Meanwhile, the LGBT group of the city of Brno, STUD, has found an ingenious way to repudiate the homophobic words of the union. We have sent a pen with a rope-for he was not falling-and-trade union leader and become more comfortable in the corridors of Czech Railways and not have to bend down, "says an association statement.

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